Hello and welcome to! I created this site to offer free diverse clipart, something I found difficult to source as an instructional designer and learning management system administrator. I will be starting with Black clipart and then moving on to other races and multiracial clipart. 10,500+ images and counting!

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Also, check out my recent article (October 19, 2023) published by The Learning Guild: Use ChatGPT to Create a Script for a Talking Avatar: Sales Training : Learning Solutions | The Learning Guild

New search features: Looking for backgrounds (without a foreground subject)? Put the word “Background” into your search terms! Looking for foreground subjects on a white background? Search “transparent”! (they’re not actually transparent, you’ll have to do that part yourself – for now)

Why does this matter? Diverse clipart plays an indispensable role in education by promoting inclusivity, engagement, and a broadened worldview. When educational materials include clipart that represents a wide spectrum of identities—spanning across races, ethnicities, genders, ages, abilities, and more—learners are more likely to feel seen and represented. This visual validation can enhance a sense of belonging within the educational environment, encouraging active participation and engagement. Additionally, exposure to diverse clipart can broaden students’ perspectives, introducing them to a range of experiences beyond their own. This diversity in imagery can foster a more empathetic understanding of the world, aiding educators in teaching about different cultures, lifestyles, and experiences. Hence, diverse clipart is a powerful tool in cultivating a more inclusive, engaging, and globally conscious educational landscape. (ChatGPT4)

All of this art is available free for unlimited use (including editing, remixing and composting), for any purpose. My understanding is that pretty much only the US and Canada allow waiving of attribution – so, if you are in a country that is a signatory to the Berne Convention, you should use these images WITH attribution. Countries particularly known to be concerned about attribution include France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Australia and Japan, but technically could include any signatory to the Berne Convention. The UK is known to be more lax about this but is also a signatory. For more info on this, please see: Berne Convention | Wex | US Law | LII / Legal Information Institute ( If you are in Canada and would like me to sign a form waiving attribution, please let me know.

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I love hearing from fans and users – I’d love to see how you’re using these images, or to hear from you! Drop in and say hi, don’t be shy! I take requests and suggestions!

Black people at work. First 1500 images = 5 zips. Uploaded 7/10/23

Black people at work. Sets 6 and 7 = 344 images. Uploaded 7/11/23

Black people at desks, people giving presentations. Sets 8, 9 and 10 = 758 images. Uploaded 7/12/23. Includes more women wearing hijab (about 60 images)

Black STEM Professions (Science, Tech, Engineering & Math). Sets 11, 12 and 13 = 1077 images. Uploaded 7/13/23. Includes people in wheelchairs (about 60 images)

Multicultural Meetings. Sets 14, 15, 16 and 17 = 1502 images. Uploaded 7/14/23. Includes more people in wheelchairs and women wearing hijab. PS a lot of images in this set would make great Zoom/MS Teams backgrounds!

Indian, Muslim, Latino/a/x and more – people at work and giving presentations. Sets 18, 19 and 20 = 722 images. Uploaded 7/17/23.

Indian, Muslim, Latino/a/x and more – people at work. Sets 21 and 22 = 674 images. Uploaded 7/19/23

Asian people giving presentations at work. Sets 23 and 24 = 668 images. Uploaded 7/19/23

New! Background images for compositing (overlays/layering). Idea inspired by Reba Gordon Matthews. Set 25 = 442 images. Uploaded 7/31/23

New! Characters designed for compositing (overlays). Remove your own background free at (I’m working on finding a bulk solution)

Sets 26, 27 and 28 = 1215 images of women. Sets 29, 30 and 31 = 1172 images of men. Set 32 = 306 images of people with neutral gender. Uploaded 7/31/23

I will add the rest of these new images (sets 30-32) to search tonight or tomorrow.

Mirror for all zips: Mirror 1 (Storj)

Want to help by generating and donating sets? Contact me on LinkedIn and let me know! I’d love to host your sets here too!

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